Extra fees & why we charge them

All grooms at LA. Dog Grooming are subject to the following additional fees:


If your dog's coat has some matting, we may attempt to thin, brush, or spot shave it out. This involves a soak in conditioner, use of de-matting spray & extra time. This incurs an extra £5-10 fee for use of extra product & time.

 If your dog's coat is severely matted to the point of a full shave down, we charge an extra £10 fee. This is to cover the maintenance of our equipment. On a severely matted dog, we have to clip off the felted coat before washing them. Washing a severely matted coat makes the hair tighter and the shampoo & water cannot get to the skin. The matting soaks up the shampoo making it impossible to rinse out thoroughly. Clipping a dirty coat means that the grease & dirt gets in between the clipper blade mechanism, causing it to grate and become dull much quicker. Because the blade is working hard and the friction is higher than normal, the blade will get hotter quicker, meaning we have to switch to a new blade every few minutes to remove the entire coat. The cost of sharpening 1 blade is roughly £7. In short, your extra £10 is paying for the damage to our blades. To avoid future matting & charges we are happy to go over how to maintain your dogs coat after the groom. Please note matting can also cause underlying skin conditions & problems we cannot be responsible for, which we will discuss with you further in person.

Extra pair of hands

Sometimes an extra pair of hands is required to groom your pet safely. Handling the pet appropriately means less stress on your dog. Your dogs welfare is the most important thing to us! If your dog requires 2 people for 30 minutes or more, we will have to charge an extra fee of £20, as we will be losing an appointment for another dog. 

Compacted coat

Sometimes double coated dogs, such as newfoundlands, malamutes, huskies, samoyeds etc. can become extremely hairy and thick if not maintained regularly. If your dog's coat requires an excessive amount of work, an extra fee is required for time and extra product used to remove the undercoat. The extra fee will depend on the time spent.


Please note we require 24 hours notice for any cancellations or rescheduling. This is so we can offer the appointment time to another owner & pet. If we are not given adequate notice and you wish to rebook, you will be required to pay a £20 non refundable deposit for your next appointment.