Frequently asked questions

  • What form of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or card payment. 

  • What do I need to do before I bring my dog in for their grooming appointment?

Please make sure your dog has been to the toilet & has been exercised before bringing them in for their groom, for their comfort.

  • How old does my dog have to be for their first groom?

Ideally, we have puppies in as soon as they have had all their vaccinations. We do a puppy groom designed to be slow & steady. This is to get them accustomed to the grooming process to make it stress free & a part of life for them as they become mature.​ A puppy that needs regularly grooming should ideally have 2-3 puppy grooms before 6 months, which is when they will move to the full adult groom. If your puppy is particularly well behaved, they may have a full groom before 6 months.

  • How often does my dog need grooming?

Anywhere between 2-12 weeks. This depends on the dogs coat type, feel free to ask us!

  • What brush do I need for my dog to maintain their coat between grooming?

There are lots of different brushes on the market, just pop in or contact us and we will be happy to advise you what is best for your dogs coat! We do sell a great brush & comb for woolly coats (poodle, bichon, doodle, cockapoo etc)!

  • Do you offer teeth cleaning?

Emmi-pet teeth cleaning coming in 2021. Stay tuned!

  • Do you do anal glands & ear plucking at L.A. Dog Grooming?

We do not offer the expression of anal glands as we believe this is a job for a trained vet to perform safely and only if absolutely necessary. Anal gland expression is not needed for most dogs and the reason they need expressing should be looked into by a vet. 

We do offer ear plucking for dogs if they need it, however we will not excessively pluck all hair from the canal as this is not necessary. If your dogs ears are infected we will not pluck and advise you to visit your vet.

  • My dog is nervous, can you groom him/her?

At L.A. Dog Grooming we do our absolute best to cater for nervous dogs. We use essential oils throughout the salon, by the brand Vita Canis. We also have 'happy hoodies', which muffle the scary sound of the dryer. We handle all our dogs with love, care and treats, building up trust over time.

If your dog is reactive to other dogs, please let us know so we can schedule their appointment appropriately so they will not have direct contact with any other dogs. If you would like your dog to have the salon completely to themselves it does incur an extra fee.

  • My dog has a skin condition - can you groom them?

We are able to groom dogs with sensitive skin as our shampoo is natural & hypoallergenic. We do not accept dogs with contagious skin conditions, open wounds or sores - they should be cleared by a vet before grooming.

  • Can I request the same groomer every time?

We are a 3 person team at L.A. Dog Grooming, of course you can request the same groomer! Just ask!

  • How long will the groom take?

This depends on the dog, please contact us to find out!​

  • Where can I park? Are there public transport links nearby?

There are short term parking spaces right outside L.A. Dog Grooming, or a car park just a few shops along, behind The Hampshire Kitchen Company. There is also a bus stop just opposite our shop.

  • Why is it more expensive to get my dog groomed than my own haircut?

Our prices cover our time, salon costs and regular equipment servicing costs. They reflect our experience & training. We attend to everything on a dog which can take up to 3 hours; nails, sanitary area, paw pad hair, face, body & clean the ears. Dogs are live animals so they do move around a lot, we must do everything to ensure the animals safety & comfort come first which requires patience & time.

  • Do you dematt dogs?

We do not dematt severely matted dogs for prolonged periods of time. If your dog is severely matted, the kindest & safest thing to do for the dogs welfare will be a short clip to get under the matted felt, to relieve the dog of the hot, bacteria harbouring coat. Subject to a coat check, we may dematt small areas of light tangling.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us we are happy to answer!